Qualita Coffee Service was founded in 2010 with a mission to transfer expertise, offer comprehensive and immediate technical support and supply coffee outlets. Observing and predicting the industry’s development, after two years of research to understand the industry‘s needsQualita Coffee Service developed a standardized premium service system, that is organized in three discrete stages:

In the first stage of collaboration, Qualita Coffee Service takes all the necessary steps to guide the future entrepreneur to the most complete selection and installation of equipment, and the most professional staff training (baristi).
The experienced and full-fledged Qualita Coffee Service staff, is daily available to the client by providing technical support, distribution of coffee and raw materials and also resolving issues and queries on the process of production of coffee and other beverages at the customer site.
Qualita Coffee Service while building longstanding relationships with its corporate customers, ensures proper promotion of products with predesigned promotional material and other marketing tools, and ensures the continuous retraining of baristi staff in new drinks and new equipment.